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Welcome to QUIZ-AI, an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way students learn and memorize material.

Our story begins with Melvyn, a seasoned web developer and online educator specializing in React and the broader web ecosystem. In his journey of teaching countless students, he identified a significant gap in the e-learning space - the lack of effective tools for creating comprehensive and engaging quizzes.

Melvyn's vision for QUIZ-AI was inspired by the acclaimed book "Make it Stick," which emphasizes the crucial role quizzes play in reinforcing and retaining knowledge. Tired of the limited capabilities of conventional select quizzes and longing for a more robust and intuitive editor, Melvyn started developing a prototype to address these issues. This prototype, initially integrated into his e-learning platform CodeLynx, has now evolved into the stand-alone application that is QUIZ-AI.

QUIZ-AI was born out of necessity and built single-handedly by Melvyn to resolve his challenges. But the potential of QUIZ-AI extends far beyond that. We believe this platform can serve as a valuable tool for students worldwide, aiding them in their educational journey by offering simple, easy-to-use, and most importantly, effective quizzes.

Join us on our mission to make learning more engaging, enjoyable, and fruitful. Here's to learning that sticks!

Melvyn Creator of QUIZ-AI